Public Sector Procurement Practice: A Leadership Brainteaser in South Africa

Keywords: Procurement practices, corruption, leadership, public sector.


In the application of the procurement practices, public’s confidence can be impacted by unethical public procurement practice as is predominant at the initial phase of tender planning procedure. Prices can be overestimated and outcome is that a missed prospect vis-à-vis finance for mega infrastructure projects. There are convolutions, proportions and an extraordinary bulk of financial stream as handy transactional dealings interacts in the market for goods and services. Certainly, procurement is mostly susceptible to unscrupulous procurement and nonconformity with relevant legislations. Such destructive practices prohibit government from procuring at cheaper prices. The paper will bridge ranks into the academic environment discourses with regards to accountability, institutional leadership capacity, transparency, stewardship, compliance and enforcement of legislation, good governance and corruption in research. The study seeks to scrutinise methods which gave rise to leadership brainteaser. A descriptive and content analysis qualitative research method will guide the study.


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