Social Media for Smart Farmer-Shared Farming Equipment Model

  • Wuttipong Pongsuwan Shinawatra University, Pathum Thani
  • Hongladda Pongsuwan Shinawatra University, Pathum Thani,
Keywords: Social media networking, agricultural equipment sharing, farming equipment sharing, collaborative mobility, peer-to-peer network


This research offers a roadmap for creating a concept for building a collaborative and connected mobility model to share the agricultural machine. The study aims to adopt those models to create a collaborative and connected mobility model as a Shared Agricultural Machine Network for Smart Farmer. The fact that Thai farmers are facing the aging crisis, like all other industries and farming machinery has become a need for manpower replacement to keep their earning for livings. Unfortunately, these machines are often expensive, so they can own only a few, and when it comes to reaping the harvest season, and they often require different tools for specific purposes. Our survey has shown that farmers have different ways of cultivating different crops at the same time this implies that in harvesting season there are unused agricultural pieces of equipment available to share among them. The model of shared farm equipment could lead to new farmers’ way of life and it’s time to become smart-farmers. This paper will discuss important considerations, including the need for challenges, trends, and opportunities for farmers to have machinery when needed and to share what idle with others via a peer-to-peer network using mobile application platform.


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