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Moreover, as per journal policy&nbsp;author (s) hold and retain copyrights without any restrictions.</p> (Editor) (Support) Sun, 06 Sep 2020 05:42:34 -0400 OJS 60 Towards Improving Project Performance Indicators in South African Construction Sector <p>Despite myriad of research effort directed at improving the performance of construction projects, poor productivity, budget overruns, quality related issues, and schedule overruns have been recurring on most construction projects. As a consequence, time, cost and quality of construction, which are among the key project performance indicators (PPIs), have suffered poor performance in many construction project undertakings. While several studies have addressed these performance dependents parameters separately and collectively, the impact of political, environmental, social, technological, economical, and legal (PESTEL) related factors on the PPIs has however not been considered. The purpose of this study, therefore, is to identify PESTEL related factors, and further determine their impact on the PPIs in the South African construction industry. South African contractors, which are registered with the CIDB (Grades 5-9) were sampled and administered questionnaires to achieve the purpose of the study. The study determined that rework, poor planning, and inadequate training are most closely associated with poor performance of the PPIs. It is believed that addressing the areas of concern identified in this study would contribute to improved performance of the PPIs in South African construction, which would ultimately engender satisfaction of construction stakeholders.</p> Oluseyi Julius Adebowale, Patricia Omega Kukoyi, Iyabo Mercy Olagoke, Badmus Ademola Copyright (c) 2020 Oluseyi Julius Adebowale, Patricia Omega Kukoyi, Iyabo Mercy Olagoke, Badmus Ademola Sat, 22 Aug 2020 07:58:52 -0400 The Role of Computer Education in the Behavioral Intentions to Use Information Technology in Hospitals in Kumasi, Ghana <p>Computer education is increasing steadily because it is well-recognized as a major indicator of the successful acceptance of information technology applications in an organization. Despite the advantages associated with computer education, there is a relative scarcity of empirical studies on the potential role of computer education in the behavioural intentions of staff to use information technology applications, particularly in healthcare settings. Thus, this research is aimed to investigate the role of computer education to the behavioural intentions of staff to use information technology applications in the hospitals in Kumasi. Guided by Davis` technology acceptance model, five hypotheses were stated and examined through structural equation modeling. Utilizing stratified sampling, data were gathered via a survey questionnaire from a sample of 154 staff in the hospitals in Kumasi. The research revealed that computer education contributes positively to the behavioural intentions to use via the impact of perceptions of ease of use of technology applications in the hospitals in Kumasi. The research, therefore, recommends that the management should consider computer education in the adoption of technology systems to enhance the staff perceptions of ease of use and hence, their intentions to use to improve health care in the Metropolis.</p> Ernest Osei, PETER KWASI OPPONG Copyright (c) 2020 Ernest Osei, PETER KWASI OPPONG Sat, 22 Aug 2020 08:06:47 -0400 Towards a Profitable Pricing Strategy for Rural Women Indigenous Chicken Breeders: A Case of Rural Village in Zimbabwe <p>Indigenous chickens contribute towards poverty reduction, income generation and economic empowerment of rural women. In this regard, employment of a profitable pricing strategy in selling the indigenous chickens becomes fundamental. This study sought to find out the pricing strategies used by rural women indigenous chicken breeders in one purposively selected village in Zimbabwe. An interpretivist paradigm, a qualitative approach and a case study design were employed to examine the issue under review. Seventeen rural women indigenous chicken breeders were key informants. Data collected using semi structured questionnaires and face to face interviews was analysed to discern themes. Results revealed that rural women indigenous chicken breeders did not apply any pricing strategies when selling their chickens. Prices were approximated based on mainly the weight of the chickens. The study concluded that rural women indigenous chicken breeders were ignorant of pricing strategies and factors to consider when determining, prices for their chickens. Further to that, ignorance of appropriate pricing strategies exposed rural women indigenous chicken breeders to exploitation and loss of revenue. In light of this, the study recommended that workshops be conducted by personnel with an accounting background, to train rural women indigenous chicken breeders on the factors to consider in determining profitable prices for their indigenous chickens. The contribution of this study lies in the development of a framework of factors which rural women indigenous chicken breeders could use as a reference point when determining prices for their indigenous chickens.</p> Gwendoline Vusumuzi Nani, Casper Ronney Copyright (c) 2020 Gwendoline Vusumuzi Nani, Casper Ronney Sat, 22 Aug 2020 08:20:54 -0400 Determinants Influencing the Level of Corruption in Indonesia Local Governments <p>This study is based on the high levels of corruption occurring in Indonesia, indicated by the low level of the Corruption Perception Index (CPI). The majority of corruption cases occurring in Indonesia involves local governmental institutions. The high levels of corruption in local governments is related to government size, fiscal decentralization, and audit findings. The aim of this study is to determine the factors that cause the high levels of corruption in local governments. This study uses the agency theory as theoretical basis to formulate a framework of thought that connects government size, fiscal decentralization, audit findings, and corruption levels. The result of this study shows that the variables of government size, fiscal decentralization, audit findings, all have significant effects towards corruption levels. Fiscal decentralization and audit findings have a negative effect towards corruption level, while the government size variable has a positive effect on corruption levels. This study provides contribution to the practices of auditing, government execution, law enforcement, and corruption control initiatives in local governments in Indonesia</p> Muhammad Syauqi Qur’ani Putra Ariva, Ermawati . Copyright (c) 2020 Muhammad Syauqi Qur’ani Putra Ariva, Ermawati . Sat, 22 Aug 2020 08:28:55 -0400 COVID-19 Outbreak and Behavioral Maladjustments: A Shift from a Highly Globalized World to a Strange World of Unique Isolationism <p>The outbreak popularly called COVID-19 which sneaked into the world system generally believed to have originated from China in the city of Wuhan &nbsp;towards the last quarter of the&nbsp; year 2019 in a manner yet to be unfold by the world powers has been judged to be a great threat to human activities and coexistence. The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic between February and March, year 2020 and since then it has been a strange world. This paper examined the socio-economic changes and behavioral maladjustments resulting from this deadly disease. The demand and supply shocks as well as the use of fiscal stimulus from different countries and how some key variables respond are well analyzed and structured. The paper underlying some of the damages done to the socio-economic lives of people across the globe and highlight some recovery strategies and future prospects. It recommends spirituality as a winning strategy against carnality. The conclusion was drawn by emphasizing the supremacy of God in the fact that a microbe of invisible property could hastily change our world of global village to a strange world of isolated cities</p> Matthew Abiodun Dada Copyright (c) 2020 Matthew Abiodun Dada Sat, 22 Aug 2020 08:35:47 -0400 The Effect of Capital Structure, Liquidity, and Company Size towards Profitability <p>This study aims to determine the effect of capital structure, liquidity, and company size on profitability in state-owned companies listed on the Indonesian state-owned enterprise website in 2016 - 2018. This research uses a quantitative approach. This study uses secondary data from company financial and annual report, the sample consists of 65 stated-owned companies. The data analysis technique in this study uses multiple linear regression, classic assumption test, and the hypothesis test consists of &nbsp;the t-test. Based on the results of data analysis known that capital structure has a insignificant negative effect on profitability, liquidity has a significant positive effect on profitability, and company size has a significant negative effect on profitability. The results of this study are expected to be useful for managers in making decisions related to company management, beneficial for investors in choosing investments, and being useful as a reference for further researchers who studying profitability variables</p> Joy Pandapotan, Noegrahini Lastiningsih Copyright (c) 2020 Joy Pandapotan, Noegrahini Lastiningsih Sat, 22 Aug 2020 08:43:35 -0400 The Implementation of Accrual Basis Accounting in Indonesian Local Government <p>This study is based on the Government Regulation No 71 of 2010 concerning Government Accounting Standards which have been enacted since 2015. In the period of this regulation enactment, there are obstacles that occur and it causes culpabilities in accrual basis accounting reporting. The objective of this study is to discover the factors which affect the accrual basis accounting implementation. Utilizing institutional theory as the theoretical basis to establish the framework that correlate training, communication, educational background, organizational culture, and implementation of accrual basis accounting. This study was conducted using quantitative method in local government of Bekasi. Therefore, this study contributes to regional government in order to able to provide the input in implementing a policy, specifically the Government Accounting Standards; provide information in regard to the obstacles and solutions which affects the implementation accrual basis accounting in Regional Government; and be able to evolve and &nbsp;intensify the application of &nbsp;public sector governance, and also can be function&nbsp; as a suggestion for the public in creating policies and to ensure the fully-implementation in Regional Government</p> Albertus Theo Jonathan, Khoirul Aswar, Ermawati . Copyright (c) 2020 Albertus Theo Jonathan, Khoirul Aswar, Ermawati . Tue, 01 Sep 2020 08:59:53 -0400 Investigating the Effects of Government Expenditure and Money Supply on Unemployment in Namibia <p>This paper examines how government expenditure and money supply affect unemployment in Namibia. It employs the ARDL and ECM estimation techniques to establish the underlying relationship for the period 1980-2018. The results support the hypothesis that government expenditure and money supply can be used to contain unemployment. Additionally, an evidence of both long and short-run causality from government expenditure and money supply to unemployment is found. Practical policy implications indicate that in order to effectively combat unemployment problem in Namibia, the study recommends that there is a &nbsp;need for policy makers to ensure that the goal of employment creation is mainstreamed in all relevant fiscal and monetary policies responses in the country. Moreover, there is also a need to identify and propose policies that can help to do away with the lack of effective policy interventions</p> Wilhelmine Naapopye Shigwedha, Teresia Kaulihowa Copyright (c) 2020 Teresia Kaulihowa, Wilhelmine Naapopye Shigwedha Tue, 01 Sep 2020 00:00:00 -0400 Factors Affecting the Local Governments Financial Performance <p>This study aims to test and prove the relationship of local government financial performance with fiscal balance transfer, local own-source revenue, local government size, and capital expenditure. The study uses samples from District/City Local Governments in Sulawesi Island for the years 2016-2018. The samples were collected using the census sampling method, for a total of 243 samples in District/City Local Governments in Sulawesi Island. In this analysis, the hypothesis testing is performed using SPSS by the multiple linear regression method. The result of this study shows that fiscal balance transfer has a negative impact on the local government financial performance, local own-source revenue has an impact towards the local government financial performance, local government size does not have an effect towards the local government financial performance, and capital expenditure has an effect towards the local government financial performance. This study is expected to contribute to local governments by providing recommendations to improve the local government financial performance.</p> Regita Oktaviani, Satria Yudhia Wijaya, ermawati . Copyright (c) 2020 Regita Oktaviani, Satria Yudhia Wijaya, ermawati . Tue, 01 Sep 2020 09:11:58 -0400 Policy Coordination and Outcomes: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Evidence in Nigeria <p>The paper discusses the fiscal-monetary coordination and the resultant outcomes in macroeconomic aggregates from theoretical and empirical perspectives. The game-theoretic technique was also used to analyse the policy mix conundrum vis-a-vis the fiscal-monetary policies interaction and how that translates into optimal outcomes in an economy. However, the situation of making or forcing monetary policy to be subordinate to fiscal policy may still not generate socially optimal results. This is not far-fetched as the payoffs in the game-theoretic model suggest the presence of minimal coordination problem but high policy conflict even if both authorities are disciplined. Coordination problem and goal conflict seem to be non-existent - when both fiscal and monetary policy blocks are committed and responsible in their choices. Further analyses indicate that the policy mix of both fiscal and monetary authorities for inflation seemed complementary. Inflation responded negatively to the shock of debt in the short run. However, in the medium term, the shock becomes positive and later returns to the initial state. The study suggests that policy designs in Nigeria must harmonise both stabilisation and growth objectives to have optimal outcomes.</p> ADEGBOYE Abiodun Adewale Copyright (c) 2020 ADEGBOYE Abiodun Adewale Fri, 04 Sep 2020 08:23:39 -0400